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Best (POS) Point of Sale System for Small Business


Those who worked with old Point of Sale system, remember that the adding cost of items at cash register was really daunting task. Credit cards payments were also headache, payment transactions were time taking process, and that might take two days or more. Now world is evolving rapidly and time have changed. New technologies ease […]

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What Is a POS System? 5 Functions of Point of Sale Systems?


There are certain tools a business can’t do without; POS is one of them. A point of sale system—or POS—is an all-in-one tool that your business can use to operate smoothly and efficiently. It handles main feature of your business: sales, into one user-friendly solution. Small and big retail stores, restaurants and e-commerce stores, all […]

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A Fast POS Needed for a Fast-Paced Restaurant Industry In Pakistan

Connect POS is a robust and established to allow error free inventory control and quick execution of customer’s orders and deadlines. Through which new customers can establish new businesses. Without clicking unnecessary buttons customers can order at a fast pace because of clean user interface of Connect POS that allows user to quickly interact with […]

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The only retail POS that helps run the entire business.

Optimize inventory, make income and study from your information to grow. No one does stock like we do. Centralize purchasing and keep time through importing up to 10,000 SKUs with the item import device Sell bundled, serialized or unique objects and without problems manage a couple of versions. Track unit costs and dusty stock, get […]

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Best POS Software in Pakistan

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