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The Only Retail POS That Helps Run the Entire business

The Only Retail POS That Helps Run the Entire business

Optimize inventory, make income and study from your information to grow.

No one does stock like we do.
  • Centralize purchasing and keep time through importing up to 10,000 SKUs with the item import device
  • Sell bundled, serialized or unique objects and without problems manage a couple of versions.
  • Track unit costs and dusty stock, get low-inventory indicators, and sell into the negatives
Grow 5x Faster with Connect Retail POS

It’s no fortune that connect retailers grew four times faster than the industry average in 2020.

See how our entire retail POS and clever, scalable technology, makes it less complicated than ever to level up your business.

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Get going fast

We help you switch your inventory, display your ways your vibrant POS works, and provide 24/7 guide. You’ll be first-class.

Increasing sales

Our retails POS system lets you do everything in seconds with sincere controls.

Use any device

Access your point of sale from any device, anywhere. It’s your business. You should be able to run it your way.

Get access to your point of sale from any tool, everywhere. It’s your commercial enterprise. You would to be able to run it your way.

Know your customers.

Make certain your service is precisely what clients need. How? Permit your point of sale tell you.

  • Client profiles
  • Purchase history
  • Client categories
  • Lifetime price of shoppers
Do more with your stock.

Customers have special requests all the time. Our POS makes it easy so that you can deliver on your promise on time, whenever.

  • unique orders
  • work orders management
  • Layaways
  • buy orders

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Provide payment flexibility.

Offer fast and comfortable transactions, accept all payment techniques and accelerate your checkout.

  • Swipe, dip and tap credit, debit and gift cards
  • EMV-compatible terminal
  • PCI-compliant payment method processing
  • smooth refunds
Grow your retails Business.

Manage your first, 2nd and every different location with a single Connect POS. The system evolves with you.

  • Product transfers
  • Stock tracking
  • Centralized purchasing
  • Purchaser statistics across locations
  • Stores evaluation



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