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Best POS Software in Pakistan

Best POS Software in Pakistan

Connect POS is not just a point of sale software. Connect POS has lot of features to highlight, From multi company management, multi locations, offline / online integration, full integrated accounting system, friendly interface, easy-to-use inventory management and barcode scanning, to very flexible reporting and mobile reporting. It is designed to be an all-in-one solution for your business.
Connect POS is more than just point of sale software. Connect POS has very flexible reports and mobile reports, from multi companies, multiple offices, offline / online integration, fully integrated accounting system, user-friendly interface, convenient inventory management and barcode scanning Until there are many features. It is designed for a complete solution for your business.

Explore All Features

Connect POS Mobile Reporting allows you to keep in touch with your business even without a permanent Internet connection, which reduces costs. Download the demo version and try it or call us if you are looking for a custom application.

Inventory Management

With connect POS stock movement, you may keep track of your products, from buy, return, damage to sale.

Easy to Setup

With given documentation, now it is very easy to setup Connect POS. Although our guide is continually there to help.

Employee Management

Each consumer has their login info with their get access to tiers (owner, Sale, purchase) to keep proceeding beneath control.

Customers & Suppliers

Add clients and providers, control credits and accumulate critical statistics like e mail and phone numbers.

Customizable Receipts

With lot of flexibility, Connect POS allows give up user to customize their receipt as consistent with their needs.

Register Management

Keep track of your bills (cash, credit Card, Cheque etc.) as each cashier have separate check in bills.

Purchase Management

Purchase orders and bill are completely managed with their associated suppliers as well as their payments.

Multi Company / Multi Location

With Connect POS, you can manage multi companies and multi locations.

Mobile Reporting

Now you continually related along with your commercial enterprise from everywhere and via any tool linked with internet.

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