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Why You Should Choose Connect POS, A Complete Point of Sale System for Your Retail Business


There are many options available when choosing a point of sale. In addition to the many vendors offering POS system in market, you should also decide on the type of POS solution you can use. Should you go to a computer operating system? Should you go to a system that does both?

You should also consider the range of features offered by each POS. There are basic POS systems that work as cash registers and nothing else. Then there are complete areas of marketing programs that offer additional functionality – including sales screen, asset management, inventory management reporting, and customer management, among other things.

Unless you run a small retail business, the best way is usually to go for a complete POS system. It will help you to grow your retail business with more features that are offered in a comprehensive POS system

Basic point of sale systems and cash registers don’t do much else beyond ringing up sales. A comprehensive solution, on the other hand, has the capabilities that can grow your business even more.

Consider The Following
  1. Sales
  2. Reporting
  3. Customer management
  4. Inventory management
  5. Vend Tip

If you run regular sales promotions in your store, you should choose a POS program that can support your marketing efforts. Choose Connect POS solution that makes it easy to use the offers and discounts, so you do not have to lower prices in person or do calculations.


Part of running a successful marketing business lies in the data you have in your hands. Having the right details through reporting in a good best POS – especially when it comes to sales, product movement, and customer behavior – will lead to wise decisions that have a positive impact on the end of it all.

Customer management

Connect point of sale is a complete POS system that have customer management capabilities that allow you to store customer information and create customer profiles. Some forums even offer loyalty features so that you can reward your top clients.

Inventory management

POS offered by Connect Solutions is a top best POS system in Pakistan with built-in stock control features is a very powerful feature. it come with creative power can adjust your stock levels as you sell. This makes it easier for you to track product movements, so that you can make wise decisions about buying and selling. The Point-of-Sale solution also provide the ability to calculate inventory to help you stay on top with stock calculations.

Your regular sales calculation has been proven to reduce the decline, so it is important that you do it. All of these factors lead to higher levels of interaction, recurring purchases, and loyalty – all of which are very important to retail sellers!

This is why it is important to choose a #1 POS system in Pakistan that can produce the reports you need. Connect POS solution can generate the following reports:

  • Sale details
  • Sales report per product / customer / customer group
  • Product sale performance
  • Stock in hand
  • Low stock alert
  • Streamlined retail Business operations

If you have a basic POS or cash register, you will usually turn to using spreadsheets or pen and paper to manage your business. And while these old-fashioned tools may work for decades, they will not simply cut through today’s fast-moving shopping mall.

If you want to keep up with current customers (and your competitors) you need a powerful POS solution that gives you real-time data and process tasks quickly and efficiently.

There is another reason why old school systems have a problem: they often make human mistakes. Observing the design of items and products is time consuming and can lead to mistakes. That, in turn, puts a strain on your performance, staff, and customer experience.

Make your business kind and choose the perfect selling point solution that covers all your needs. That way, you can save yourself a lot of craftsmanship and run a very successful retail business.

You can integrate your POS with Connect ERP Solutions

Another cool thing about Connect POS programs! You can easily expand functionality with apps. While a complete sales point solution should come with many of the features you need, there are situations where you need to connect it to other solutions.

Consider the following When choosing a POS system:

Ecommerce Integration.

If you already have a solution for managing your brick-and-mortar store but want to start selling online, you can combine your POS with an ecommerce solution to sell everywhere and have revenue from multiple channels


It is also a good idea to integrate your POS system with your payment processor. With integrated payments, data flows smoothly from one platform to the next. This setting eliminates the need to manually enter customer information and credit card to the exit counter. Because your POS is integrated with your payment processor, all the required information is correct when you start the process using your payment terminals.

Accounting and Bookkeeping.

By integrating your point-of-sale system into your accounting software, sales, costs, and other financial data are always synced, so you can bid farewell in person and make your tax time much easier.


If you need to expand the credibility and customer management capacity of your POS, connect it with affiliate marketing applications (e.g., trust, email marketing forums, etc.). With the right integration, you can sync your customer contact details and purchase history and create customized campaigns quickly and easily.

Connect POS solution can integrate directly with the best business and production applications, across accounting, ecommerce, ERP, customer loyalty, details, planning and more. Check out our integration and increase capabilities of POS system. If you decide to combine your POS with other systems, here are a few best practices to keep in mind:

Use your favorite apps.Many marketing programs have links with other software providers. This is usually the preferred way to connect the two solutions because your providers have already developed integration.
Find a partnerYou can also find a partner who can help connect your various systems. Some POS solutions have expert networks available that can help vendors set up their software. Contact your dealer and see if he or she can recommend technical partners who can get the job done.

Although a complete point-of-sale system usually requires a higher investment than the basic POS, the previous benefits far outweigh the recent ones. Having a POS solution that offers a wide variety of features not only makes it easier to run your retail business, but it also opens up opportunities to expand your bottom line.

Connect advanced POS systems save time, help you engage consumers better, and allow you to make smarter decisions.


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