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Businesses that invest in our application re-engineering process can profit in a variety of ways, including higher productivity, enhanced functionality, improved security, and increased scalability.

At Connect Solutions, we are aware that businesses must keep up with technological advancements in order to remain competitive. This is where application re-engineering comes into play; it enables companies to update, modernize, or improve their current software applications to satisfy the shifting demands of their stakeholders and customers. With an emphasis on providing significant benefits, our team of skilled specialists has assisted countless firms across numerous industries in re-engineering their applications.


Language Upgradation

User Interface Conversion

Database Changes

Services Include

Web Enabling

We have helped countless businesses across numerous industries in turning their legacy apps into cutting-edge, web-based solutions. Whether you need to develop a new web-based app or web-enable an existing one, we can assist.

Environment Upgrade

Technological changes are vital for companies to remain competitive. We let businesses update, modernize, and enhance their current technology infrastructure to satisfy the changing demands of their customers.

Enable Integration

At our company, our staff can assist you whether you need to connect various systems to enhance collaboration and productivity, or you need to integrate an old application with a contemporary cloud-based platform.

Legacy Migration And Re-engineering

With the help of our legacy migration and re-engineering services, firms may turn their legacy system into effective modern solutions that can meet both their short- & long-term needs.