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Best (POS) Point of Sale System for Small Business


Those who worked with old Point of Sale system, remember that the adding cost of items at cash register was really daunting task. Credit cards payments were also headache, payment transactions were time taking process, and that might take two days or more. Now world is evolving rapidly and time have changed. New technologies ease up the process of sales at any business level, from small size business to large multi-location business.

This is blog is about what you need to know about Connect POS and how to Connect POS fit the best for your business.

So, what exactly is a POS?

Think of the POS program as a meeting place where the customer and the business enter into an agreement. The words “check” or “register” can be used to refer to POS, but these are just channels where transactions take place. Modern POS varies greatly, from scanning credit card hardware that connects directly to your smartphone, complete systems with terminals and cash drawers. Whether simple or sophisticated, today’s POS allows retailers to make purchases in seconds, and do it all electronically. Sometimes the term POS may be used interchangeably with a service point, as customers may use the same technology to make a return.

Mobile Device Supported POS

Mobile POS systems are also making waves as small businesses, clients, who need episodic access to a POS system reap the benefit of an instant point of sale that doesn’t require the buyer to log on to his/her bank site. The hardware is smaller and can fit into a tablet or smartphone. The Connect Point of Sale software provides nimble response times for a nominal fee per month or one time cost. The Connect POS is the best known in Pakistan for these mobile POS devices.

Connect POS System Features

If you are in process for choosing a good POS for your business, what important features do you look for? That depends on your business, the number of employees, the number of tilts, and the data you want to capture. Do you want your POS to be based on your business on your existing hardware, or are you comfortable using Cloud? If your company has the luxury of in-house technical support, purchasing in-house software might be the way to go. If you are comfortable with Cloud and have a strong internet provider, software such as Connect POS may provide additional flexibility and require less deck staff to take care of it.

Are you interested in a complete POS System or just specific components?

Complete POS system | Software only | Hardware only | Cash register only
  • Reliability
  • Affordability
  • Flexibility
  • Training
  • Speed and mobility
  • Security

your POS system always work? If you have chosen a Cloud-based system, will the POS product work if the Internet is unavailable or stable?


What are the previous, monthly, and per capita expenses, and are these sustainable? Are you locked in purchasing additional hardware or software options


At this point, most POS activities are card-based, not monetary. Finding a low-cost credit card company is important, but you may also need a system that accepts cash or is willing to take your business free of charge.


Is the system simple enough for all your employees to use? Is there enough training available?

Speed ​​and Mobility

In a high-profit market (such as a busy restaurant), does the system allow your employees to take a handheld device around your business, or are your employees tied to a few larger machines?


Where is your data stored? Who can access it? And more importantly, is the card transaction secure?

Connect POS handle all above mentioned obstacles in your business efficiently.

Connect Point of Sale is Best Point of Sale (POS) System for Small Business in Pakistan

Connect POS is the overall best performer as with 100% business owners’ satisfaction because Connect POS is among the easiest of the systems to set up, and it’s compatible with both the Apple and Android system.

The drag-and-drop modality on the Stand or the Register will be familiar to anyone who currently uses a computer, so training with the product is fairly simple. Connect offers a relatively rich array of analytics, and the Cloud-based system also allows transactions to occur offline so there’s never an outage where your POS is concerned.

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Best Point of Sale System (POS) for Retail Businesses

Best Point of Sale (POS) System for iPads

Best Point of Sale (POS) System for eCommerce/Online Retailers


Connect POS is a trading business software built on the latest cutting edge modern technologies to meet today’s business requirements. The new Connect Solution POS system cover all aspects of your business sale solutions. The point of sale gives traders full control over the power and comfort of real-time monitoring. Sell with ease of convenience, track products coming in and out of your store, create purchase orders, sell gift cards and much more! Manage from one store POS to multiple branches, warehouses and businesses with one all in one solution. Try the free POS software now and grow your business.


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