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The Ultimate Guide to Property Management Systems (PMS)


Managing property is a tricky task, where a manager often needs to switch between roles in order to do their job effectively. If you are a permissive agent, or a block manager, you will already know that you spend a lot of time fixing recurring functional repairs and scheduled repair problems on a daily basis. There is a growing variety of management software related to property that can make our operations in property management areas much easier.

There are many things to consider when choosing a property management system and the many software solutions you can compare, which can make the process more efficient, especially if resources are tight. Read on to find out how Connect Property Management meets the essential requirements of the Property management reports, then contact us for additional guidance and useful tools to help you get the perfect PMS in Pakistan.

The Main Purpose of Connect Property Management System

Connect property management system enables property managers to effectively coordinate and manage operations from a centralized system. From evaluating incoming and outgoing visitors to making and arranging property

  • Bookings
  • Managing prices and goods
  • Arranging housekeeping and performance reports
  • PMS directs daily activities to get a better visitor experience and more revenue.

Connect PMS Core Features

It’s important to find a future-proof system like Connect Property Management System in Pakistan that can evolve with your business. Look for a proven, innovative solution with the following important features:

Informative Dashboard

The dashboard provides an overview of key metrics in real time so you can quickly see what’s happening. When you sign in, the dashboard greets you with a snapshot of your current business image. The dashboard is easily accessible at any time with the main navigation or shortcut menu.

User Friendly Interface

The purpose of the property management system is to make running your business easier and more profitable, and to do so should be easy to use, despite the depth and breadth of functionality offered by modern PMS. An easy-to-use visual interface is key to training staff quickly and minimizing costly mistakes. Connect the modern PMS user interface is intuitive and easy to read, enabling us to offer free training and product support.

Compliance with Govt. Laws

Before purchasing a new PMS, make sure it can comply with local tax reporting requirements and payment rules. This is very important to ensure that the software has not been deployed to other facilities located in your area. Connect PMS provides flexible tax and invoice setting and the system automatically tracks tax collection and installs flexible tax reporting function making it easy to track tax breaks.

Dynamic Reporting

Production and financial reports are important for improving business performance. Connect PMS that supports your business reporting requirements, from booking and residential reports to financial KPIs. Connect PMS integrates fully integrated accounting and tracks data on all tasks in real time to get a clear picture of current performance and how performance compares over time. The system generates both standard and custom reports, and allows you to view information using a variety of filters, including date range, room types, source codes, etc. Reports are easily sent and emailed directly from the system.

Booking Modifications

Modifying and moving bookings should be quick and uncomplicated, allowing you to keep track of bookings and reducing the likelihood of overbooking.

Accessibility on Mobile Devices

COVID-19 makes the whole industry rethink how it works. Gone are the days when managers were always at the front desk or in the back office. Connect PMS support managers wherever they are. you can securely access and use from mobile devices, and it includes portable reports and touch logging functionality. Built with state-of-the-art web design technology, the easy-to-use property management system automatically adapts to the machine it accesses, allowing managers to control the performance of non-local staff and free desk fronters.

Sales Channel Availability

Staying competitive and growing revenue depends largely on your ability to adapt the availability of multiple channels in real time. Integrating your sale channels with your PMS allows you to control prices and assets across all channels directly through your PMS. One of your most important channels is your local website. Make sure you are prepared to receive direct booking 24/7 with a online booking engine fully integrated with your PMS for live availability and ratings.

Scalability with Integrations

Integrating your other systems with your PMS improves workflow and data accuracy by automatically transferring relevant data transfers between systems so that you do not do it yourself. System integration is key to increasing efficiency, creating innovative innovations and staying competitive as your business grows.

Client Communications

Automatic communication is key to improving the client experience, and is even more important than before post-COVID. From default visitor profiles and emails before and after stay to without contact and direct integration with dedicated guest interaction platforms, Connect PMS provides all the tools you need to record preferences, identify returning customers, and personalize contacts to strengthen guest relationships.

Customer Support Portal

Connect PMS is your core application and you need to know that you can rely on it. Connect PMS has a strong and growing customer base and is always commended for its responsive and helpful product support team. Continuous training and support is included, as are regular software updates. Also, online user manual and video tutorials are readily available on demand within the program.

Connecting all departments, Connect PMS is designed to: (INFO Graph)


1. Integrated workflow

With data integration, Connect PMS simplifies and automates manual management tasks, improving productivity and significantly reducing costly, time-consuming errors.

2. Increase in revenue

Flexible rating management tools and integration of channel management allow you to quickly adjust prices across all channels to increase bookings and revenue, while real-time performance reports help improve business strategy.

3. Built-In CRM

To guide the active side of your business, PMS minimizes service-related errors and gives you more time to focus on sale. Visitor profiles help you see returning customers and remember their favorites, and automated guest emails improve communication.

Choosing a new property management system is an important decision. It is not an easy task, but finding a solution that checks all the right boxes is worth the effort. As your business grows, your PMS should be able to rise to support the growth and emergence of your business. Whether you plan to add property, open a new location or offer new services, choose a best flexible PMS that can support your business goals now and in the future.

If you would like to watch live how Connect property management system can boost to your business, contact us +923001110365 for a free, non-binding demo.

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