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Role of Executives in an ERP implementation

Role of Executives in an ERP implementation

When implementing ERP, it is important to have everyone involved. Every stakeholder within the company should be involved in the ERP implementation. They all need to play an effective role in ERP success. Many companies don’t consider the importance of ERP implementation for their executives. Even if they don’t participate in the ERP implementation, it is important that executives are involved in the transition process.

A specific direction is required

Because top executives are often reluctant to share the responsibilities with subordinates, they may feel they have more important things to attend to and don’t want the responsibility for ERP implementation failure. Experts agree that ERP implementations are more successful if top executives participate.

It is important that top executives are involved in the implementation. You must direct the team and set the parameters for success. To determine the status of integration, it is necessary to establish progress benchmarks and then to ensure a successful implementation.

Controlling voice and hand

The executive holds complete control of the project and resources. It is crucial that they use this control to move the project along smoothly. To ensure that the project does not suffer from cost overruns or delays, it is essential to allocate the best resources to the implementation. The top executive should also decide the roles and responsibilities for the implementation team to ensure that everything is moving in the right direction. The top executive must give clear direction to the team and allow them to make the right decisions.

An ERP implementation requires that an executive be the voice of the implementation. The executive must be able to articulate the reasons for ERP implementation and the benefits it will bring to the company. Employees will feel more confident when an executive is involved with an ERP implementation. This is because they have complete control of the project.

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