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How The Connect ERP Systems Will Help Manufacturers Face the Modern Days Challenges


It is not uncommon for a company to think that it needs ERP upgrades when it does not. If they have software in place, there is always a way to make better use of current software. Sometimes this will suffice or extend their life from 6 months to 5 years.

After Covid-19, the world has been shaken by a pandemic, efforts to alleviate it, social unrest, and countless human tragedies have affected everyone. Production is used to keep our shops, homes, and businesses quiet and full of all kinds of goods. In recent years, Amazon has set expectations for almost every home delivery. Manufacturers everywhere now feel the effects of a sudden change in demand, supply chain issues, unscrupulous employees, rising costs, and unhappy consumers looking at empty shelves and a long wait for backorders.

By 2022, manufacturers continue to face the challenges of supply chain problems, rising material costs, and staff shortages. However, those who are prepared with a well-utilized ERP system as part of their data-driven strategy will be able to adjust as circumstances change quickly and are not only profitable but able to take advantage of unexpected opportunities.

By Using Connect ERP to Ease Supply Chain Disruptions

How to Use Connect ERP to Better Manage Inventory and Supply Chain Issues

  • Set Stock Levels Alerts
  • fill the Date Fields of Connect ERP
  • Use Inventory Management Module of Connect ERP
  • Set Stock Levels Alerts

Set security stock levels, better-balanced lead times, and the desired order amount for all stock items. Use the “Forecast” orders so that the system can say how much it will need. Launch MRP or Advanced Planning and Daily Planning. Stay on top of what needs to be ordered or stocked.

  • fill the Date Fields of Connect ERP

Always, fill in all the data fields. Then use other ERP data fields for all sales orders, purchase orders, and job orders for better planning and predictable planning. (Some scheduling date fields should help you see the predicted delivery dates compared to the promised deadlines.)

  • Use Inventory Management Module of Connect ERP

You must manage your entire inventory better. If you do not do so, use the features of your Connect ERP system to track the exact listing location. Have strict rules about inventory movement – if a part goes physically, it has to go in the system. Review all your inventory purchases for accuracy, including PO receipts, delivery of goods to operations, and shipping. Perform cycle calculations.

Keep Best ERP in Pakistan Up to date with Rising Costs to Estimate Better

Keep a check on rising costs and make sure Connect ERP system is up-to-date in the cost fields that calculate 2022’s profit. Some of these include:

  • Overhead costs
  • Employee costs
  • Inventory costs

For inventory costs, you need to know not only the average cost (or the most recent average cost) of your goods but what it costs to replace those items. Connect ERP System has a field called “Other Cost” in the inventory section, which is used to calculate cost estimates for the Bill of Materials. Your actual cost in parts is always the same, but what you use to measure operations is based on the refund amount.


  • Standardize your business procurement process so that you can get quotes from more vendors quickly.
  • Don’t forget transportation costs, which may be a significant factor this year after the rise in petroleum prices.
  • Frequently Adjust Pricing in a Rising Cost Market

If your company has never used ERP, now is the time to do it. It is more important than ever to rely on the old pricing methods of the parts produced.  Review costs, and adjust prices often. Decide on a price point if you have standard products. If publishing prices are a painful process, prepare a better way to do it as you may increase prices several times this year. it is all about patience.

Recalculate the Labor of Employees

Producers will begin their days counting who has arrived. Stay on top of your local job market and middle income – companies are planning higher wage increases by 2022 than in previous years. When employees come to work, put them in jobs with the highest value for your company.

Use Connect ERP, the best ERP system in Pakistan, and training tools to train your staff on how to perform ERP tasks that keep your system in real time. Review incoming and outgoing activities, check staff records for accuracy each day, material delivery procedures, and the shipping process for your ERP system. Create simple, accurate task instructions available with just a click on Connect ERP system. Everyone should immediately provide what they need to carry out their duties without the slightest or infrequent order from another employee.

If an employee can work from home, stop doing it right. Manufacturers have long hesitated to allow non-productive workers to work from home. In 2022, forget the old bias and establish the policies and procedures for your purchasing manager, engineers, retailers, and other non-productive employees to work from home. This year may be the time to switch to a cloud-based ERP version. Connect ERP systems now have cloud options and can take on the role of keeping your ERP up 99.99% of the time.


Connect with our ERP Experts to Check on Your Business Process

Ask our ERP solution specialists to review your use of Connect ERP products. Our experts guide you in using Connect ERP to its full potential. The ERP connection system will be an asset, like a car that can replace your company. If you have not already done so, get the training you need to get going. You may need to reuse parts of Connect ERP by changing the standard ERP modules, but that will be worth it. A properly deployed Connect ERP system will be the company’s most valuable asset in 2022, no matter how turbulent next year.

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