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Starting in 2002, Connect Solutions is a Pakistan-owned Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution distributed globally. Connect Solution ERP Solution is rich in both features and functionality. It is a complete management software suite combining Financial accounting, Supply chain, Inventory, project management, asset management, HR, Payroll, CRM, Document management, support for multiple Foreign Currencies and

The Best comprehensive ERP Software Solution For:



Connect ERP software solution streamlines the process of manufacturing business and supports the entire operational lifecycle, from planning to sourcing, creation to delivery.Evolve your wholesale distribution business with the fully integrated Connect ERP system that is designed with all of the tools required to manage and automate the business process smartly.
Connect Solutions ERP Automate and Streamline your Business Processes in an Integrated Environment

Connect Solutions ERP has Multi-company and multi-currency management capabilities, designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of any size organization.

Connect ERP Improve Logistics and Distribution Processes

Connect ERP solution is designed in such a way, that it gives your logistics and distribution business the power and confidence of running the entire operation smoothly

Connect ERP Accounting software helps improve your accounting department and empowers you to take control of accounting hassles

Connect ERP Accounting Software is designed in such a way that it gives the accounting department your business confidence to run all the work successfully. It allows businesses to see if they have the potential, the availability of resources, the number of shares, and how those stocks should be converted. Connect ERP automates and directs key business finance processes and improves tracking and tracking of the entire system.

In business, it is important to ensure that stock levels are real-time in the system. This allows for faster and more accurate delivery of customer requirements and prevents unplanned orders. Connect ERP provides customizable tools and distribution management tools to help you run your operations efficiently.

Key Functionality Offered in Connect ERP Solution

Functions that Connect ERP solution provides to upscale manufacturing and distribution supply business

  • MRP functionality
  • Manufacturing Execution
  • Financial Accounting Management
  • Quality management
  • Distribution accounting
  • Procurement management
  • Asset Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Supplier Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Purchase Order (PO) Management
  • Business Intelligence (BI) Solution
  • Warehouse Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Point of Sale (POS) Systems
  • Financial Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Project Management
  • Integration
Web-Based Integrated ERP System

Enhance Efficiency and Better Customer Service  Connect ERP is a local software but also has a web version. The Connect ERP Web solution allows unlimited users to access certain parts of the live data file on any device with a browser. Allows users to enter data, browse clients and vendors, and access other accounting services. Marketplace (POS) is one of the functions included in the Sapphire Web package solution. This is one of the most popular functions in Connect ERP users can build multiple stores and manage these stores. It is a highly scalable solution, with the ability to support unlimited users simultaneously.

Advantages of Connect HR and Connect ERP Finance Integrated Payroll System
  1. Eliminates tedious Tasks
  2. Improved reporting & analytics
  3. Highly Customizable and Scalable
  4. Enhanced Employee Experience
  5. Improved Compliance
  1. Eliminates tedious tasks

Connect HR and Connect ERP Integrated Payment System automatically automates all your silent and tedious payment processes including employee information management, payments, timesheet tracking, and more. It means no double data entry, low risk of errors, overproduction and all paperless.

  1. Improved reporting & analytics

One of the most common challenges for HR and financial teams is to collect good reporting and analysis data. With different systems, collecting, cleaning, and syncing data is a manual and time-consuming process. The integrated solution in Connect ERP easily solves these problems as it has built-in statistics, transparency with accurate data that can be used to track and measure business metrics and create detailed reports, saving valuable team time.

  1. Highly Customizable and Scalable

Integrated payment systems in Connect ERP provide the flexibility to customize and scale the system as your business grows. Entering personal data into larger groups can lead to more conflict, especially when many departments such as finance and HR have to maintain different conditions for the same information. Modern integrated solutions can perform processes automatically, provide a single 360-degree view of employee data, and are easy to customize. 

  1. Enhanced Employee Experience

Modern employees seek out modern methods and technologies to help employees work the time they want and the way they want it easily and effectively. With an integrated approach, employees can quickly access their knowledge, be more empowered and pursue their pay, attendance, and benefits – all of which are fundamental to improving employee support and improving their job satisfaction.

  1. Better Compliance

In addition to assisting HR and finance for better data-driven reporting, Connect ERP integrated payroll software also makes HMRC compliance easier for businesses with accurate and updated statistics. HR managers and financial managers can pull HR data and payroll from a single location, providing a clear way to synchronize data, minimize errors, meet compliance standards.
The Connect Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution creates and integrates core business processes. The iPad connected to the Bluetooth scanner bar code scanner makes inventory checking easier. Consistently, Connect ERP core system updates all stock counts simultaneously. Using Connect ERP means that you can get stock data quickly and reliably in a timely manner.

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