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Connect Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP Software


Starting in 2002, Connect Solutions is a Pakistan-owned Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution distributed globally. Connect Solution ERP Solution is rich in both features and functionality. It is a complete management software suite combining Financial accounting, Supply chain, Inventory, project management, asset management, HR, Payroll, CRM, Document management, support for multiple Foreign Currencies and […]

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Top 5 Best ERP Software Solutions


ERP software helps to organize company operations across the organization. Instead of providing the needs of just one department, the system combines different functions to meet the needs of the entire department. ERP provides a complete picture of what, when, who, why, and how in the day-to-day operation of a business. According to Sultan Mahmood, […]

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10 Tips for Selecting and Implementing an ERP System

Connect team of IT experts offer expertise on how to make challenging business transformation smooth and successful. Tackling the pace of digital transformation requires organizations to make critical IT decisions as digital transformation continues to evolve across industries. ERP system is a great way to integrate existing data between groups and departments and integrate business […]

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Top Reasons Why ERP is Important for your Business

BY the beginning of 2021, the ERP software market is expected to be worth about $41.70 billion globally, the impact of the ERP software systems is evident as shown. Those numbers are impressive but not for those who have never used any software in their life, they may find it difficult to understand why ERP […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Full Proof Security and Compliance Regulatory Quick Response Times Enhance Reporting about Accounts and Finance Software Standardization Flexibility and Mobility Full Proof Security and Compliance Regulatory Integrated ERP software can help you ensure that back-office operations comply with regulations governing the manufacturing industry. Most ERP solution providers monitor compliance with legal changes and continue to […]

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Role of Executives in an ERP implementation

When implementing ERP, it is important to have everyone involved. Every stakeholder within the company should be involved in the ERP implementation. They all need to play an effective role in ERP success. Many companies don’t consider the importance of ERP implementation for their executives. Even if they don’t participate in the ERP implementation, it is important that […]

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Best ERP Software in Pakistan | Buyer’s Guide for Erp Software System

In this futuristic era of technology, The ERP software is not just only for more multinational corporations. Every company which need integrated several software systems to manage their daily work need like financial, accounts, Human resource management system software, digital marketing software, manufacturing management software, supply chain management system software should consider the benefits of […]

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Cloud ERP System Impact on Retail Industry in Covid 19

For running a retail business, there are numerous aspects that one has to vary – market trends, client retention & engagement, keeping inventory up-to-date, accounts & finance, worker or workers management, etc… There is a spread of challenges that retail business owners need to battle to stay the business going. On prime of it, the […]

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