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Best Human Resource Management Software (HR software) in Pakistan


The best online HR software makes it easy and simple to manage employees, from hiring to training, to payroll, taxes and benefits.


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The Connect HRMS is best HR software is Pakistan that will cover all aspects for you, from tracking applicants to following through the hiring process, as well as being able to organize and schedule training, payroll, taxes, and benefits. Even better is if you are also able to monitor employee performance, to ensure that supervision and further training can be recommended as required.

However, other online HR software is as fully featured as Connect HRMS, and its payroll feature is  integrated with accounting software, and training provision already covered in it, Connect HR solution tracks applicants for new vacancies and the hiring process itself rather than general time and attendance admin as well as payroll, tax and benefits.

Connect HRMS provides a cloud-based all-in-one HR solution, through this software solutions it is easier to manage onboarding, wages, and KPI’s, as well as providing general support. Features include full-service payroll, time tracking, and compliance help as well.

The purpose of the platform is to be able to address all aspects of HR staff, not only in terms of pay and benefits, but also in retention of highly qualified employees.

Connect HRMS aims to provide benefits for small businesses that would normally only be available to large businesses. Pricing depends on the number of features and employees to be covered.

Connect HRMS supports over 100,000 teams as its customer base, with the software catering for both businesses directly as well as for accountants. A more recent innovation is cloud human capital management (HCM) software to manage your HR which is supported and implemented in CONNECT HRMS.

Connect HCM software depend upon your business needs, and how much of the HR process is properly covered by any mechanisms, applications, or software platforms already in place. Connect HRMS is the best HR software currently available in Pakistan.

Top Benefits with CONNECT HR Features

  • Payroll
  • 24/7 support
  • shift schedulers
  • user-friendly interface
  • Suitable for small business
  • Fulfill the Administration’s needs
  • Best Onboarding Solution of HR in Pakistan
  • Best HR software in Pakistan for Multinational Businesses


CONNECT HRMS appeal to both new and experienced payroll mangers because of its usability and top-notch payroll setup, processing, and reporting tools. Additional HR capabilities and excellent support make CONNECT HCM the best in its class in Pakistan.

Shift Schedulers

CONNECT HRMS is also the best all-around shift schedulers we’ve tested and throws in bonus human resources functionality, which may meet the needs of some small to midsize businesses in Pakistan.

User-Friendly Interface

Connect HRMS is cost effective than the competition and use better BA features, Connect HRMS’s solid feature set and user-friendly interface push it to the top of list in Pakistan.

Suitable for small business

CONNECT HRMS also focused on small business than you’d expect from software made by enterprise-oriented. Nevertheless, the product works well in small business environment, and carries an intuitive interface and enough features to garner it top HR software for small business in Pakistan in 2021.

Fulfill the Administration’s needs

Connect HRMS cover the most of the benefits administration needs of startups and SMBs in Pakistan along with enterprise cooperates, Connect Sol places a range of HR solutions together in an easy to manage online cloud-based platform. With add-on, CONNECT HRMS can serve companies with advanced HR needs.

Best Onboarding Solution of HR in Pakistan

With CONNECT HR software’s solid set of features that covers the human resources (HR) needs of SMBs to large companies, simplifies every tasks.

Best HR software in Pakistan for Multinational Businesses

Connect HR solutions stands out for its ease of use as well as its range of customizations to suit the needs of business.

24/7 support

Larger businesses and enterprises will benefit the most from Connect HRMS Cloud based HR software solutions. HR software designed for the needs of multinational companies with extensive configurability, and 24/7 support.

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