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Why your E-Commerce needs a Shopify Development Store?

Why your E-Commerce needs a Shopify Development Store?

The accessibility of smartphones across the globe has ensured a boom in the digital landscape. This landscape has changed the way modern-day business is conducted. Global eCommerce sales have accelerated rapidly, with the zenith recorded at COVID-19 times. There exist multiple platforms for the conduct of eCommerce. One such platform is Shopify. Shopify is a Canadian-based global eCommerce platform that acts as a liaison between buyers and sellers. The Shopify Development Store is the hot topic here.

Shopify Development Store

A Shopify Development Store is a unique platform feature that allows users to scrutinize the themes and apps to set up a Shopify account successfully, be it for personal use or clientele. This feature is free of cost. However, the restrictions cannot test the advanced applications available only on the paid version. Regarding security, the development stores are password-protected, and the information is kept confidential.

As for a Shopify Partner, innumerable development stores can be created for testing purposes – real-time analytics for a shopper is included in this. What is more notable here is the remuneration – for every client a developer refers to, payment in the form of a commission is distributed by the platform to the developer, creating a win-win situation.

Why a Shopify Development Store?

You might be thinking about the reason for opting for this particular platform. The ‘many’ advantages associated with Shopify development stores make it favorable for eCommerce businesses, whether existing or newly launched. The benefits are as follows.

  1. SEO Tools
  2. Mobile-Friendly
  3. Security
  4. Payment Gateway
  5. Customer Support
  6. 3D Product Images

SEO Tools

The first and foremost aspect to consider is the SEO tools. SEO is an acronym for Search-Engine Optimization. These tools ensure higher website or product rankings for the targeted audience by using high-frequency and mid-frequency keywords. Ranking sets the tone for retaining existing and acquiring potential consumers, creating a win-win situation.

Mobile Friendly

Accurate optimization across various technological gadgets like smartphones, laptops, and desktops is the game changer here – smartphone users perceive the themes, text, and interface as accurate. This holds significance, given that global smartphone users have increased exponentially over the years. The portable gadget is increasing Shopify’s daily use, which favors the existence of development stores.


Security is yet another concern for business owners and consumers, and data encryption does the job here – transferring data via codes and ensuring security. In the case of payments, credit card information is kept confidential via certificates. Data preservation creates utilitarianism for all stakeholders, creating a healthy eCommerce environment. After all, who would like personal data to be shared without their consent?

Payment Gateway

A Shopify development store has its payment gateway. The Shopify Payment ensures smooth transactions and handles the returns of consumers effectively. Secure payment is a significant concern here for consumers, and Shopify bridges the gap between vendors and buyers for efficacious sales.

Customer Support

Shopify believes that queries must be resolved as quickly as possible. In a bid to do this, a dedicated team of professionals catering 24/7 increases the trust level in the platform. An eCommerce business facing any issue while creating Shopify Development Store may contact the customer service department via phone or email. Prompt replies by the team satiate the requester.

3D Product Images

Last but not least, we have 3D Product Images. Studies have shown that 3-Dimensional product image increases conversions by a massive percentage and is a source for winning sales. The product looks sharp from all angles and spirals consumer engagement. Individuals thinking of an eCommerce business must consider a Shopify Development Store – in the long run, high sales and better profitability margins occur. Proper planning and smart moves are inevitable, though.

A Need for Web Developers?

Even though a primary development Store can be created without technical knowledge, it is better to outsource the development task to software agencies. Experts know how the platform works and create a development store that aligns with the organization’s goals. The experience allows for better theme selection across various categories to benefit the organization. In addition, the customization of themes is achievable by programming languages, and only a team of experts can deliver accuracy in less time. Posting pictures and getting sales is not rocket science, but implementing SEO tools, profit-maximizing strategy, sales conversions, thematic impact, and all the necessary analysis drive growth and ensure the scalability of the business.

Employing a third party is a worthwhile investment for small-scale and large organizations in the long run. However, if someone is short of funds, he would require much time to drive business slowly.


Here, we come to an end. Shopify is famous for its services worldwide, and a Shopify Development Store is a prime example of this. Creating a development store is a boss move, with a high probability of scaling over the years.


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