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Top 5 Trends in Mobile App Development

Top 5 Trends in Mobile App Development

As the number of mobile users surge the developers are more inclined to create mobile versions of their apps to indulge more mobile users and increase their convenience. This leads to change in trends of mobile app development whether it is adding new features or making a clean and well aligned interface.

This article will look at how these trends are shaping the app development practices and the benefits it holds for technology in near future.

Cloud Based Mobile Applications

These apps have seen a vast amount of development in recent past and still seeing an upward trend. It is a huge advantage for business and gaming industry as they can benefit from these types of applications. Since these applications connect to the storage of cloud so there is no need to download huge loads of data that may eat up your limited mobile space. It will also allow to access multiple accounts once and businesses can take advantage of these apps for swift file sharing between colleagues and team members to save time.


Using paying apps such as Google-Pay or Samsung-Pay is another major trend and seeing through millions of users per day using their paying services to shop online. Trend of M-Commerce is only set to rise with more and more users choosing to shop from their mobile phones. In addition, this industry has a high demand as Covid-19 restricted millions into their homes, so they are left with no other choice then to shop online. This means that we are going to see a soaring increase of development in this industry.

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Augmented Reality

There are numerous applications being built incorporating both augmented reality and virtual reality since ARKit and ARCore was released by Apple and Google. These applications are being built to educate and inspire along with entertainment. Popular Gaming Titles Pokémon Go and Wizards Unite use AR functionalities. Google made use of AR capabilities in Google word lens in which you hover your camera lens over a word or a sentence and it will translate in Realtime.

The Internet of Things

There is also an implementation in addition to augmented reality. With more and more eco-systems building, not only related to being confined to work but in our homes as well, there are much more apps developed that can be used across platforms. This is especially useful for those who use wearables for listening to music and fitness tracking, this will increase their accessibility.  Furthermore, these applications are extremely beneficial for health and medical industry allowing you to contact doctors, reorder prescriptions and enter symptoms. It is also helping establishment of businesses allowing them to communicate effectively.

5G Technology

The final trend that has revolutionized app development in 2020 is 5G technology. With higher security level and faster connection the use of 5G has become highly popular. This technology is quite faster than its predecessor which is not only helpful for gamers who are heavily reliant on internet but also for many businesses as well.

With this, there are many new technologies emerging on the scene that have the potential of completely revolutionizing the development industry making it even easier to access new technologies and providing seamless service to target audience.

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