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How Connect Cloud HR Software Can Save Your Business Time and Money?


In recent years, technology has revolutionized the way HR works, with programs that can streamline and automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Freeing up that time means HR professionals have more time to work one-on-one with people rather than pushing through the paperwork. Human Resources covers a wide range of roles and responsibilities, so it’s easy to be pulled in millions of directions at once, often at the expense of efficiency. 

Here are our top 5 ways that Connect HR Software can help move your HR team to the next level while increasing productivity at maximum and looking out for the company’s end results.  

  • Time and Attendance Tracking 
  • Employee Onboarding Process 
  • Interaction within Company 
  • Employee E-Service 
  • E-Signatures and Online Document Manager 


 Time and Attendance Tracking 

Outwardly, it may not seem like a big deal, but tracking time for all employees takes up a lot of time. Timely tracking of a number of internal processes such as creating and managing schedules, processing compliance reports, managing PTO requests and benefits, and of course, keeping track of hours worked. Performing these automated technologies helps to ensure accuracy when accuracy is important and errors become more expensive. 


Directing and training new employees can now be done quickly and effectively while also ensuring that all new employees receive a cohesive message about your business and expectations for their role. Training materials, either PDFs or videos, can be easily downloaded and available as well as answers to frequently asked questions so that new employees can look back for answers as they get to know their role. Instead of the days spent passing a large amount of paperwork, HR professionals can be released as boarding is automatic and with a new hiring speed. 

Interaction within Company

A lot of communication is done between HR and company employees, but most of those communications are no longer valid and take up valuable time for other HR activities. The technology helps to make communication between HR and employees more automated and can also help duplicate retrieval using templates to save time and ensure clarity. 

Employee E-Service 

HR houses a lot of important information, information that employees need to access from time to time. With a self-service portal, employees are empowered to save a trip to HR and take care of personnel business anytime, anywhere. From checking their benefits package or PTO balance to changing emergency contact information, providing employees with a self-service portal gives employees power over their own information while giving HR professionals time to spend on other matters.  

 E-Signatures and Online Document Manager

In the old days, the first day of a new appointment was spent alone with an HR officer signing what looked like a million papers. As they continue the staff life cycle, there are always plenty of paperwork to sign and submit, in anything from benefits to applications. With Connect online HR software in Lahore, e-signatures can help to sign the required documents without wasting time tracking people and editing the documents they return. E-signatures and Online Document Manager make the work more efficient and eliminate paperwork. 

Whether you are looking for HR software that will help you manage your staff time or are trying to find a way to recruit new staff that is more involved and does not require HR time, using an HR management system like Connect Cloud HRMS with Complete Payroll will give you everything you need and more. 

By automating and simplifying many of the daily repetitive tasks, Connect Online HRMS can help your HR department save time and be more productive for all of us while saving your company Resources. 

To request a free demonstration or talk to one of our experts about the top Benefits of Connect online human resource management resources that help in transforming your HR department, contact us 

Connect Sol Cloud HR software is based on industry-leading modern technology, a cloud-based system that manages complex challenges facing HR executives, enabling them to easily manage complex HR tasks. With centralized data management, all of your company’s data is collected on a single website, making it easy to access, organize, authorize and export everything you need on the go. Employees of your HR company team will not need to re-collect information on an individual basis. 

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