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Cloud based ERP Solutions in Pakistan

Cloud based ERP Solutions in Pakistan
Why Cloud based ERP Solutions over On-premise solution in Pakistan?

It is evident that due to the advantages posed by Cloud based ERP solution trump the On-premise ERP solutions and no wonder that it is becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan as well. This blog will discuss the advantages of ERP solutions.

Quick Implementation: As the name suggests, the cloud-based ERP solutions are quickly implemented as compared to on-premises solutions because cloud system is already set up and you just need to plug and play.

Low Cost: Since cloud-based servers are shared the cost is also shared because the overhead server is same.

Easy to Install: ERP system is easy to install Staff can guide you throughout the installation as they are familiar with the eco system as well.

No need to worry about upgrade: When you take the cloud-based ERP system, you don’t worry about the timely upgrades and patches because it is the responsibility of the vendor.

Controlled Staff costs: Since you will share highly skilled IT staff from vendor and his other customers meaning that you will not have to hire the staff specifically for ERP maintenance hence reducing staff costs.

Costs Prediction: Cloud-based ERP systems have monthly charges which let you for see the real costs that will be spent towards the maintenance of ERP system unlike the on-premise one. Usually, cloud-based solution is preferred by small and medium organizations whereas large organizations prefer on premise ERP solutions.

Connect ERP is a fully cloud-based solution available for your organizational needs we offer top notch features that have been improved over time and new and exciting features such as chat bots and AI driven processes.


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