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Human Resource Management System HRMS

Connect Human Resource Management System HRMS is today’s most comprehensive, fully customized and featured HR management solution for every type of businesses. We help you to improve effectiveness and efficiency of your work and make better decisions across all your key HR tasks. Biometric Attendance, Auto Generated Payroll and Human Resource management system.

Connect Solutions business Tag is: “we’re Committed to enlightening your workload by reducing time and paperwork”

Human Resource Management System, Biometric Attendance, Auto Generated Payroll and Human Resource management system hrms

HRMS Features

Connect HRMS provides all the functions need to meet the organizational requirements of an HR department, finance department and management section. A system consists of Employees profile management, Attendance log, payroll handling, leave management and task manager. Biometric Attendance, Auto Generated Payroll and Human Resource management system HRMS.

Integrated HR Solution

Connect HRMS provides small and medium companies with affordable Human Resource solutions which are typically only accessible by large organizations.

Employee Profile Management

Connect HRMS give cloud-based profile management module to record detailed information of employees

Employee Self-Service

Employee Self Service (ESS) offers a solitary, secure hotspot for people to deal with their personal data.

Recruitment Solutions

HR recruitment module offers an interactive way to post available vacancies of your company over the cloud.

Multi Organizations

Connect HRMS provide an extensive feature to run the application in multiple organization at the same time.

Biometric Attendance

The most appealing utilization of biometric attendance system is that it doesn't permit your workers to make you trick in respects of presence and timings.

Leave Management

Connect HRMS leave management solution on the cloud can address leave management needs of any organization, be it little or huge.

Mobility Access

You can access all the features of HRMS with the help of this mobility feature everywhere anywhere with help mobile or tablet.

Taxes and Benefits

This module helps to calculate all the taxes and benefits of the employees in your organization on the yearly basis.

Effortless Payroll

It is an electronic distribution framework for pay advice data that allows employers to dispense the salaries of their employees very easily.

Expense Manager

Administrator module that uses wizards, symbols, diagrams, graphs, charts and an instinctive, stream situated interface to help get an exact photo of your finance.

Document Management

Document management is an exhaustive module intended to offer you some assistance with creating and deal with a paperless office.

Task Manager

Connect HRMS provide featured task manager module which let you add tasks, subtasks, projects and team members over the cloud.

User Friendly Dashboards

It's marked essentially as a simple, user-friendly and easy to use solution, with choices for remote or implanted interfaces.

Instant Report Generator

Connect HRMS report generator module provide the advantage of processing all accounting modules on a monthly/yearly basis.

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Human Resource Management System hrms Modules

  • Complete Recruitment Solution
  • Employees Self Service
  • Effortless Auto Generated Payroll
  • Employee Biometric Attendance
  • Extensive Leaves Managments
  • Employee Profile Managment
  • Dynamic Dashboards
  • Documents Management

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