Testing & Quality Assurance

Custom CMS

If you need to change your website frequently, you should consider a CMS website instead of a static website. A Content Management System (CMS) Website allows for you or your partners/employees to add and edit content on your website from an administrative panel which is secured with a password. These systems are useful because you do not need HTML training in order to add new pages or to edit or delete content for your site.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Testing Quality Assurance in IT applications is the backbone of most business processes today. Poorly tested and integrated software has a severe effect on a business’s customers, sales, partnerships, employees and financial bottom line, software testing becomes an increasingly important step in the deployment process to ensure that your solutions, particularly self-service, are delivering the superlative experience your customers expect. Connect Solutions has a Global Testing Center of Excellence, global testing labs, and testing professionals with an in-depth understanding of consumer-facing applications. Testing & Quality Assurance, testing strategy STLC Best Testing & QA

testing quality assurance, Testing & Quality Assurance, testing strategy, STLC, Best Testing & QA

Our Services

Black Box testing

We realize that every customer has different quality measures and that Black Box Testing is critical to a successful testing effort.

Performance testing

We maintain a Testing Center of Excellence for performance testing services with highly trained personnel and specialized infrastructure.

White Box testing

We provide the best white box testing services at the most economical price and our testers are educated on the most popular testing tools.

Functional testing

Software testing process used within software development in which software is tested to ensure that it conforms with all requirements.

Unit testing

We make sure each and every unit component is tested thoroughly for its performance and quality throughout the entire development of the project.

Integration testing

In this method program unit functions are combined and tested in multiple ways to check its proper functionality according to requirements.

Our Process


Develop Testing Plan

Develop Testing Cases

Test Cases Execution

Result Evaluation


Benefit of testing

We create custom CMS platforms for clients that need a specifically tailored solution for a website or web-based system. Some of the noteworthy benefits that we offer along with our custom CMS Services include the following:

Deliverables exactly as per the scope of the project

Comprehensive CMS implementation and support

Highly scalable CMS Solutions

Best technology at affordable cost

Keep Your Website Optimized and SEO Friendly

Dedicated and experienced project manager

Why we need Testing

Connect Solutions believe that an effective Quality Assurance and Testing strategy is vital to attaining high standards. We apply this strategy to all software development that we do, but we can also provide Software testing services to our clients. Testing Services provide a full range of offers to improve your self-service application testing including valuation, strategy and planning, test execution, specialized testing and tool automation. With in-depth self-service and industry expertise in addition to strong testing knowledge, Connect Solution has highly qualified testing resources, the right processes, effective tools/techniques and a focus on continuous improvement that will improve time-to-market, increase consistency of solutions and differentiate yours from your competitors. Testing & Quality Assurance, testing strategy STLC, Best Testing & QA.

Our test process framework, which is a result of diverse experiential knowledge, provides lead metrics and critical indicators that help in early course correction and proactive decision making thereby resulting in

testing quality assurance, Testing & Quality Assurance, testing strategy, STLC, Best Testing & QA

Reducing the defects that impact business use of the application.

Provide a stable application in production.

Significantly improve the Quality.

It helps in identifying and fixing Bugs.

Reliability of the Software or Website can be measured with the help of this

Remove the data duplication and redundancy.

testing quality assurance, Testing & Quality Assurance, testing strategy, STLC, Best Testing & QA

Update the website text, links

Unlimited Page Management

Photo gallery

Product catalogues

Website banners & graphics

Secure logins

Links and menu management

Simple HTML Editor


SEO friendly structure

Social media integration

Google Map integration

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Template Development

We will give you a pixel perfect, SEO-friendly, cross-platform and standards-compliant foundation on which to build your site.

Custom CMS Programming

If you're looking to develop a custom application or a feature that EasyDesign doesn’t already include, let us build it for you.

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Are you looking to move your site to EasyDesign CMS? Let us handle the migration for you, or help your team speed up the process.

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